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I am the last person in the State of California to earn a Masters degree in Industrial Arts. In 1993, IA went the way of Phrenology, the way of the Dodo. Excused away as too expensive, too dangerous, and not a “core” subject, the Industrial Arts {Woods, Metals, Plastics, Automotive, Electronics, Graphic Arts and Photography) were now officially irrelevant, and replaced by, or absorbed into, the Engineering and or Arts
Departments. (or more specifically, the Engines Lab at CSU,
Long Beach was turned into a private art gallery for the Dean of Health and Human Services)


From the time I was in High School (the seventies) I had heard that “stupid people go to shop”. When I graduated, it seemed that ONLY my IA classes taught me anything even remotely connected to getting and keeping a job, or more importantly, finding happiness and fulfillment. No one has ever wanted me to solve a quadratic equation (I still don't know what they are for!) or asked me what happened in 1492, or told me to conjugate my verbs more properly. Every job I ever had did want me to show a sense of pride in my work, use the correct tool for the job, apply general safety procedures at all times, work well with others, and/or build something seemingly beyond my abilities
with only minimal assistance and a budget too small to be seen with the naked
eye. I also seem to currently use each of these qualities to define my own level of happiness.


All things I learned in woodshop in 7th grade.


This is to say nothing of the practical skills of learning the advantages of a sharp tool, how to change a tire, or light switch, or how to communicate the shape of any object, in any language.


As I worked through my degree, I began to see how a school that taught ONLY industrial Arts could be self-sufficient pretty quickly. Electronics students could scour garage sales, purchase and repair home theatre systems, even install them. The metals
students could build shooting targets, or trailers, or even go-carts with the
auto students. The plastics students could build custom bodies for these
go-carts, while the photography students could market them to folks that could
otherwise in no way afford them. This will never be done in public schools
because of liability. Liability dictates curriculum more than any educational
theory. There will be no liability issues at this school, because everything is
directed by the student. And students don't have enough money to sue themselves! 


As a public school teacher in Wyoming (yes there still are a few IA
programs around, but they are on the way out...) I have seen LOTS of students
get passed over, abused, beaten down, degraded, dismissed and expelled for not
fitting into a mold made to produce cannon fodder, and evaluated by testing
that is proven to have no correlation to reality. Any one not doing well in
this institution is called a failure, and told they have no future, destined to
a life of drug abuse and moral reprobation.

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Born July of 2015 on a farm in Torrington, Wyoming. She knows how to heard goats, dance, and how to catch a frisbees. She also does an amazing impression of Forrest Whitiker in The Shield.
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