Outside the Firefly Headquarters



This was taken on the outside of the fence at Firefly. We have our warm welcoming sign, our awesome pirate flags along the yard and also, our light up tipi! The lights currently aren't on being as it's day time, but we'll get some photos of the lite up tipi tonight!





This is the new Firefly gate, it's not new but if you haven't been here in awhile, you will notice that we've given it a brand new paint job along with new safety neting that is more suitable to the new color of the gate!

Also, for those whom aren't the best at finding addresses, we moved our numbers to a more accaptable and helpful position.

Firefly Territory




Once you've entered our newly painted gate, you're at our main bulding!

Welcome to Firefly Hackerspace




Here is the inside of our Hackerspace! We would say, "Sorry for the mess," but we'd be lying! We have tons of projects currently in motion as you can see from the photos, at least our indoor projects!

Super 7 Project




One of our students is building a Super 7 from the ground up! Work in project but here is a photo

Work Shop




Welding equipment, carpentre equipment, and all other workshop equipment.

Firefly Hackerspace Library




Entering our Library- the front.

From Inside The Library




We have many books, as you can see & these aren't all of them, varities such as; gardening, cooking, automobiles, choppers, motorcycles, accounting, marketing, teaching, animals, philosophy, ext. This is where we also hold Sunday crew dinners, watch movies, communicate and learn!

Inside the Library More




A shot of some of our books.

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