Community Center

Provide a safe, intellectually stimulating, open environment

From dropouts and f-ups to self reliant individuals.



 Year Round Events

Weekly: Free Film Fridays

Monthly: New Project Announcements

Annually… Open House Including Car Show, Live Music, Fire Art


Provide connections and support to existing community centers;

Library, Boys & Girls Club, 4-H, Church Groups, Youth Hostels, Hab 4 Humanity, etc.

Halfway Houses, Juvenile and Adult Detention Alternatives, Elderly Assistance,

Conflict Resolution Twixt Parent and Child, Co-Workers, People and PTB.

Podcast…Broadcast…Pirate Radio.


Long Term Goal Would Be Open 24/7

Late Night Projects




Tool and Technology Co-operative

Tools and labor connections, especially to elderly and needy

Large tools made available to students

New tool acquisition based upon needs and wants of community



Community Business Ties

Constant and Continuing Relationships with Local Businesses

Specific Business Training and Support

Consumer Education, Credit Counseling

Help with “navigating the field” in regards to opening new businesses                    

Working with, around or through regulations, city & state requirements 

Legal aide, city counsel, law enforcement

Conflict resolution twixt employee and employer, employer and state.



Ongoing Projects

Rat rods from the ground up

Computer lab; hardware and software,

Website; Facebook, Twitter

Bio-diesel processor and veg oil pickup

Pumpkin chunkers

Shop mascot      



Things I Do NOT Want

Student loans Government control, accreditation, dependence, “meddling”   


Unwilling students, pointless activities or arguments, disrespect

Conformity, Complacency, Freedom without Responsibility,    

Actions without consequences.

People with a sense of entitlement, alcohol/drugs.



Problem Solving

We should be able to help just about anybody with just about anything. Usually by pointing them in the direction of existing resources, or by formulating a reasonable plan of action. This may sound like what local churches used to be…and that’s good with me.


Kindness and Courage are the chief qualities we will encourage.

Then we can work on patience and enlightenment!


Making money is good. 

Acquiring money at all costs is not, the value of giving and the value of earning, money is appropriate “worthship” when given something of tremendous valu and nothing buys by gones like cash! No one is owed an education and good teachers are priceless, not worthless.


Teachers are Gods gift, not to be taken for granted.


Find a passion and MAKE, MOVE, DO, BUILD!

This is largely a philosophical adventure to show the world

 that if teachers were paid like rock stars and basketball players,

we could change the world, for the better, in a generation.


Learning is better than sex! 

Own nothing, control everything!


Leadership, NOT Authority

 Like the captain of a pirate ship, a good leader is your best chance for
success. In battle, orders are followed without question, after it has been
decided who the captain will be. The best captain is chosen, not because of
popularity or kindness, but because of competence and proven performance, as
well as the concern for the crew, ignore his authority at your own peril.

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